Blogging Ain’t Easy…

…Especially when life constantly gets in the way or trips you up just at the moment you break out a smile because you think you’ve managed to sneak around it to get to your computer and start writing.

I can hear all the super regular, post every Monday through Friday (and sometimes on Sunday) blogger people saying, “But if it’s really important to you…” Yeah. I know. Still…

I can’t believe I laughed when I committed to writing two blog posts a month. I thought it would be so easy. Surely, I told myself, any self-respecting, wanna-finally-be-a-writer can come up with two blog posts a month. Well, I can’t.

Actually, I can but a lot of the ideas I have could result in friends and/or family members filing lawsuits against me for indecent exposure (i.e., exposing some of our their indecencies), so all of those ideas get scrapped (i.e., stay safely hidden in the confines of my little black books which, for your information, are locked way in bomb-proof (okay maybe just lockpicker-proof) safety deposit boxes to be used as blackmail material for… umm… nothing.

And please don’t suggest that I write what I think about that giant, orange poop emoji occupying the White House across the pond. I just can’t right now.

Seriously though, what are some of the things that keep you from writing regular posts for your blog? What do you do about them?

WOW! Really?

Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger could easily be mistaken for models in an advertisement for Abercrombie and Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger clothing. They are not. Elva is a survivor of rape and Stranger is the perpetrator – Elva’s rapist. The two of them have written a book about the rape and are touring the world promoting it. Together.

Though I can’t imagine wanting to see a man who had raped me in any setting other than a courtroom or prison cell, I have absolutely no objection to Elva having chosen to heal from her ordeal in this way. Her way. What I do object to is the fact that Women of the World Festival (WOW) chose to include the Elva/Stranger performance piece, ‘South of Forgiveness’ in their programme of events. WOW is supposed to be a festival celebrating and honouring women. How does the presence of a known rapist who has never been prosecuted or punished for his crime, elevated onto a stage and lauded, sometimes applauded, for his willingness to accept responsibility for what he did to Elva (literally, the very least he could do), align with the purpose of the festival?

Women travel from all over the world to attend WOW. Many of those women come from countries in which they are shunned, cast out, punished and even murdered for the “crime” of having been sexually violated. What is WOW saying to them when they invite a rapist as a paid guest into their midst?

Jude Kelly, Artistic Director at Southbank and founder of WOW, has said that one of her aims in hosting ‘South of Forgiveness’ is the opening up of the dialogue around rape so that it no longer focuses solely on the survivor of rape but extends to the perpetrator. I agree, men do need to be part of the discourse. Should it be Elva’s rapist that opens the discourse at a festival designed to celebrate and honour women? I think not.